Republicans’ Cradle to Grave Promise

Hearing that many of the victims of the Aurora massacre are lacking health insurance and are soon to be hit with hollow point medical bills I recognized the situation to be such a vivid snapshot of the  benefits of Republican World it was almost bitterly funny in its gruesome inevitability.

Let’s put it this way: if you have the occasion to be conceived, under Republican anti-choice absolutism votre mere  has only several seconds to several hours to make her decision, otherwise  you’re coming out of the womb whether you like it or not.

After that don’t expect much, unless moms is wealthy or upper middle class. That is, other than inescapable ideological droning about the sanctity of god and the free market, the former a judgment call the latter wholly illusory. Beyond that Republicans promise to ignore you by and large, bootstrap-pulling  preferable to a  nasty federal government giving your local school district  or your state supported  college any of your parent’s own taxpayer dollars to educate their kids, in other words you.

Part of the Republican cradle to grave promise is to suffuse the society with so many unconcealed guns every homicidal maniac in the country is guaranteed several. Once the maniac uses  one on you, the health care status quo Republicans have strived to protect from reform benefitting as said status quo does the health insurance companies and big providers and pharmaceutical companies Republicans dutifully represent to the exclusion of consumers’ needs,  the enormous hospital bills will guarantee your indentured servitude to the one percent, had it not been guaranteed already, what with unions and collective bargaining verboten in Republican World, and your minimum wage sustaining  buying power lower than it was in the Sixties.

Of course Tea Party Republicans use and depend upon Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, mortgage credit deductions, subsidized parks and infrastructure and food and safety inspections  and  earned income tax credits and Medicaid too, even as they howl against the abstraction of big, terrible government. Even Republicans don’t want to live in Republican World. That’s what you get with the hyper radicalization of ideology and when a political party is consumed by it.

Old age promises a lot of laughs as well, these years taking on a hue considerably darker than golden if the crackpots manage to garrote Social Security and Medicare, and to impose some Ayn Rand dystopia like the Ryan plan. But the really sweet thing about the Republican cradle to the grave guarantee is that it keeps the journey really short.

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