Welcome in the Syrian Refugees, Ship Out the Chickenshit Republican Dickheads


Apparently the only thing that can stop a god-fearing right-winger with an assault rifle is an 80 year old Syrian woman. The self-proclaimed toughest hombres in the land are running scared. Again.

Donald Trump, whose mouth is a well-oiled lying machine by now already emitted the whopper du jour: “Refugees from Syria are now pouring into our great country.”

He’s only off by several hundred thousand, which is almost an endearing inexactitude for such a brazen liar. Two years is how long it generally takes for refugees to get here, after a lengthy, multilayered, multinational vetting. Or in demagogue-speak: “Refugees from Syria are pouring into our great country, and we don’t even know who they are.”

If you wonder how Republicans could be so mortally terrified of refugees, remember that Republican members of congress have been rejecting the transfer of prisoners at Guantanamo to maximum security American prisons. Who’d a thunk an affiliation with radical Islam would give you superpowers?

In fairness, expecting anything else from the draft-dodging party of chicken hawks, Ebola panic, wall-building, Mexican and Isis inspired bedwetting, ready to brick up their windows at the drop of a hat, probably wasn’t realistic.

Gun fetishists argue that one reason above all that all god’s children got to have firearms is to thwart a tyrannical federal government. The American military they can handle, but not some Syrian refugees?

Confusing times.

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