Several Choice Lies From Uber Republican The Donald, His Party’s Most Thrilling Liar, Roasted, Garnished and Served

roasted on spit

For now at least, Donald Trump is the Chosen One to lead the charge of the white brigade.

Many of us expected that perhaps Ted Cruz, or say Mike Huckabee would be the favorite to emblazon the skies with the grunge in the souls of the Republican base, to pipe every vile, stupid and irrational thing Republicans like sung to them by their beloved songbirds.

But if you’re a Republican, why have a mere mortal perform your cherished untruths when you have god’s Apprentice, Superman’s younger brother, a bona fide Almighty, live, from Olympus, to do it for you?

For a party, for a political base, whose raison d’etre is spite, they’ve found themselves the plumpest, stiffest, orange-tipped middle finger they could hope to find.

Less presidential material, than Zeus in waiting, The Donald trifles not with the complexities of checks and balances, branches of government, tangled international relationships, economic verities, democratic necessities, or realities of any size, shape or flavor.

The Donald will simply rule. All will be handled. All of you here, there and everywhere will get an offer you simply can’t refuse. Capiche?

Though no one with half a brain and change, should take this corpulent cynic at all seriously, some of his lies still are worth depantsing.

For days now, the Chinese are the latest large swath of humanity to be hitched to his wagon, and dragged behind through the mud by the big ox. His headline accusation is that China has stolen our jobs.

Au contraire. China didn’t steal anybody’s jobs. Fellow members of Mr. Trump’s socioeconomic class, businessmen like him, sent them there. With nothing as trivially sentimental as love of country or regard for their countrymen to inhibit them, they shipped the jobs to China for fatter profits. Big Business in America finds paying workers a decent wage, both inconvenient and unnecessary. That’s how China stole our jobs.

Trump speaks of the money owed by the United States to China, as though it were the result of a nefarious legerdemain, as if some mesmerizing form of Eastern mysticism bamboozled us out of our money. In fact, we owe the Chinese money because they loaned it to us at bargain interest rates. We borrow it for our depleted treasury, which suffers from a lack of revenue, due to egregiously coddling rates of taxation for the likes of Donald Trump. Make the economic elite contribute their fair share, and voila, the need for Chinese money will magically disappear.

Of course, Mr. Donald’s biggest, most noxious lies have to do with immigration. Allegations of disproportionate criminality among our immigrants are blatantly, demonstrably false and vicious. In truth, immigrants, including the undocumented, commit crimes at a lower rate than native-born Americans do. Immigrant neighborhoods are safer than others, not less so. Anyone looking for substantiating studies and research, look HERE. While those gullible enough, or racist enough, or uninformed enough to  become a fan of Trump, are unlikely ever to find themselves aware of it, the fact is that border towns have some of the lowest crime rates anywhere in the United States.

In truth, selling shit as Shinola is the Republican national pastime, so nothing Donald Trump says is out of character for his political milieu. But it is distinctive for its amplitude and magnitude.

The embrace of Mr. Donald by Republican voters exposes them for who they are, and the party for what it is, to the deep, deep  vexation of the party’s apparatchiks and marketeers. Indeed, they have honed the art of getting a segment of Americans to accept a slimy, self-defeating agenda on a regular basis to masterful sophistication.

And then here comes Donald Trump with his big, fat mouth, showing us what the Republican Party is really like.

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