The Stand Your Ground Law Is Gravely Immoral, Manifestly Insane and Practically-Speaking, Racist

stand your ground

So now, arguably as much a cultural phenomenon as House of Cards addiction or citing winter as a symptom of global cooling, would be doughy, middle-aged white guys ending the lives of black youths after a doughy, middle-aged white guy-initiated confrontation.

George Zimmerman’s attorneys didn’t actually utilize the Stand Your Ground law in his defense, and obviously, needn’t have bothered: the mindset prevailed in the minds of the jurors anyway. So Zimmerman murders, walks away; and his subsequent behavior reveals what sensible, unbiased people understood throughout the case: George Zimmerman is a dangerous crackpot, and morally vile individual of exceedingly lousy character who was allowed to murder a child with impunity.

Now, Michael Dunn, again in Florida, in this case, explicitly citing the manifestly cockamamie Stand Your Ground law in his defense, becomes the latest doughy, confrontation-initiating white hothead to walk away relatively unscathed after killing an unarmed black youth. Blasting away at a car attempting to flee him, got him second-degree attempted-murder convictions, while the actual killing of Jordan Davis as he sat in the car apparently stumped the jury. It’s as though the lesson of the bloody mayhem of Sandy Hook, Aurora and Columbine was that the act of committing homicide with the use of a firearm is overly burdensome and too legally precarious for those who wish to commit it, and unnecessary regulation of murder must be lifted in order to preserve the precious freedoms of murderers. Welcome to Stand Your Ground.

I’m so sick of addressing truly, authentically, genuinely pointless gun violence I could projectile vomit into the next county.

Indeed, the country, or at least parts of it can officially be diagnosed with grave moral and intellectual sickness with this creation, passage and utilization of Stand Your Ground laws. It’s as though the You Kids Get Out of My Yard scenario were expanded to be the You Kids Get Out of My Yard or I’ll Kill You scenario, legally extended to everywhere, designating whatever ground you are contemporaneously standing on as your own yard, while enshrining your “self-defense” right to kill there even if you’re the aggressor. Seriously, this law is like a shtick from a Luis Buñuel surrealist masterpiece. And deeply, deeply sick (Yes, Luis could be sick. But he was only making movies).

So, in cases such as Michael Dunn’s, the defense needn’t prove the defendant’s innocence, but rather the prosecution is tasked with demonstrating that the doughy, middle-aged white guy wasn’t actually scared shitless enough to blast away in fear (even if he was really just pissed off, popped off, and killed to prevent a deserved kicking of his fat ass).

Gun saturation, gun promiscuity, silly gun mythology and mendacious propaganda emanating from a deranged and demented National Rifle Association have generated the murderous, societal mayhem normal brains could predict it would. How about a great big DUH?

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