Johnny finally got his Republicans to pass a bill. Not the bill he took to them of course. But the one they handed him back.

The quaint definition of leadership is an individual in a position of leadership guiding, directing and marshaling those under his leadership to act in ways the leader has determined are superior to others. John Boehner is in the vanguard of those pushing the nomenclature in new and exciting directions, gradually sketching in the new definition of leadership as he who enters into consultation with his underlings fully intact, but comes out the other end without his scalp and genitals.

Boehner may be the first Speaker of the House of Representatives to master a convincing imitation of an orange Duncan Yo-Yo, descending with one bill and coming back up with another, descending with a new bill, coming back up with the one he ascended with before, doing this in perpetuity until someone finally gets tired or the country defaults.

In fairness to Boehner, who the hell else would actually want the job of leading that political Death Cult?

Welcome, Mr. T. to the caucus where people never compromise, where you come dressed in your suit and tie, while everybody else is wearing tinfoil.

Only in Reverse Mirror Land does one start out with the outline of a compromise and end up with a final draft that removes the elements of compromise. In this case, once, twice, three times a lady for Mr. Boehner. This seems to be leadership through prostration, leading by having yourself tied to the bumper of the car of your caucus, and dragged through the street behind it.

So, my friend the tangerine, all that tea party energy that fueled the big right wing voter turnout in the elections of 2010, making Republicans the majority and you the Speaker really did come with a price. And since you can’t keep your cadre medicated, the rest of us are drowning in the crazy.

How’s it feel to be on top…of a box of broad-jumping, hallucinating, zombified, partisan crickets?



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