Koch Brothers Accidentally Deliver Knockout Punch To Themselves – Tea Party Arguments Out For The Count

The Koch brothers are demonstrating themselves to be exemplary at making a strong point, though unfortunately somebody else’s point, their adversaries’ to be exact. Bravissimo, you teabag-financing princes of astroturf.

Three years of pathologically vituperative slander and rhetoric directed at President Obama, and a steady stream of political, historical and economic ignorance from the tea bagger set has revolved around the central canard that President Obama is out to punk capitalism, the arch enemy of all that is profitable, whose most heart-rending victims are the superrich. So terrorized are the rich by the prospect of non-existent regulations, they cower atop piles of historically high stashes of profits and assets, barely brave enough to cross the street, much less to invest or expand, we are told. With Obama the Oppressor in office, the rich man just can’t catch a break these days.

But I’ll be darned if those long-suffering Koch twins didn’t, according to Forbes magazine, make themselves a livable 15 billion dollars since March, 2010, an increase of 43%. Of course I suppose they could argue that were they not living under President Barack Obama’s socialist oppression, they could have run up the score to a hundred percent in the Tea Party paradise, though I haven’t heard them make that claim, yet.

They manage to be a glorious poster case for why loading the already stinking rich up with additional money from additional tax breaks won’t contribute an iota to job creation or economic growth, contrary to the talking points of the economics-challenged. Some might say that with the Koch boys’ expanding largesse of late prima facie evidence is in hand that the upper bracket and capitalist class is far from suffering under this Obama regime, proof that conservative  talking points are perniciously false malarkey suitable to be credulously consumed only by the  cerebrum benumbed tea-bagger crowd .

In fact the Brothers Koch also make delightful poster children for egregious abuse of the American tax system and overall class war by the super greedy, their energy business benefitting from sharply escalating gasoline prices, and as recipients of obscenely obsolete and bountiful gas and oil subsidies bequeathed by the taxpayer, enjoying stupendous windfalls suitable for transfer into the speculation markets, driving energy prices higher yet, and reaping profits in the gazillions.

The Koch brothers, exemplifying the advantages and behavior of wealth in recent years more than they surely suspect when they are rattling off factually unfounded and meretriciously deceitful propaganda, what with historically low tax rates for the wealthy, traditionally cut-rate capital gains taxes on investment money and the cornucopia of breaks and incentives available to such as themselves, so awash are they in excess capital not invested in job creation they have an embarrassing abundance to plow into the speculation markets. No jobs created there  of course, only ever more risky exotic financial instruments for folks with Koch Brothers-level surpluses to dabble in ,and perhaps crash the economy with again if we are so unlucky as to have Republican members of congress stifle desperately needed financial reform.

In the meantime though, times are not so hard apparently for the superrich after all, perhaps the most heartstring-tugging obstacle they face being the placement of the silos they will be forced to construct to store this fecund  largesse.  But though our put upon and economically tortured job creators are feeling unloved, the fact that tea-baggers of the nation continue to lap up their cynically aspirated agitprop must be a comfort at least in these challenging times.

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