That title is what my Granny Playjerist (pictured above) wants Obama to tell the Speaker of the House. That, and that “the rest of America has had it up to their foreclosed necks with a party controlling one-half of one branch of government attempting to hijack the federal budget for their own, not widely-shared ideological goals.” Granny challenges those folks attempting to extort such a budget that anyone who thinks they can threaten her Medicare and Social Security should “bring it on!”

By a large majority Americans believe Republicans will be responsible if there is a shutdown of the federal government, not Obama, not Democrats. So why should Obama stop them from losing a game of chicken? That’s not tactical advice from ancient expert in matters of war Sun Tzu, it’s Granny Playerist.

Good for Obama, for at least telling Republicans he won’t swallow temporary extensions again (Continuing Resolutions), nor tolerate any more of Republicans’ cockamamie budget proposals. He’s more or less instructed them to bring him something a grown-up might propose or else the government indeed will be forced to shut down and Republicans will eat the bulk of the blame, just like they did in the Nineties over the same stunt.

The thing about ideological fanatics is that they seldom think through the potential negative consequences to themselves, because they’re surfing on the endorphin rush that comes from sticking their ideological finger in the eyes of everybody else. But many Americans are going to be negatively affected quickly and almost everyone in the long run.

Almost all government services not deemed vital or emergency will desist immediately. While Social Security and disability and unemployment checks will continue to go out for a while, nothing new will be processed until the government is fully funded again. Passports no longer can be processed, bankruptcy cases are suspended, and given that this particular shut down would occur during tax season, refund checks will not be processed either. National parks and museums close immediately. The NIH ceases accepting patients for clinical research, and calls to NIH pertaining to diseases are not answered. Ongoing clean up at hundreds of toxic waste sites end. Processing of benefits for military veterans come to a halt. Federal funds flowing to state governments no longer will be going out, meaning states depending upon those funds to provide services, which almost all states do, will not be able to provide those services.

On the business front, import and export licenses cease to be processed. Federal contractors are immediately suspended, meaning projects financed by the federal government or on the basis of contracts with the federal government stop. And the workers go home.

Border control agents cease being hired, delinquent child support cases are halted. Worse, the gut punch to the American and world economies from such a contraction of economic activity may be anywhere from staggering to catastrophic depending on exactly how it plays out with the still fragile economic recovery.

Any Tea Bagger who gleefully celebrates the shuttering of the bad, old big government, or Republican politician who is playing  to that crowd will learn next to instantly that not only are those despised government employees in the hated government punished, but millions of Americans are too. And they are going to be extremely pissed. At Republicans.

So bring it, Johnny, you damn fool.

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