The ‘Tude Abides


“Your “revolution” is over, Mr.   Lebowski!  Condolences!  The bums lost!” – Jeffrey ‘The Big’ Lebowski

Exposure by videotape of hermaphroditic weasel Willard Romney in his natural habitat commiserating with the “job creators” about the dreadfulness of the reeking masses has only hastened the inevitable demise of this corroding vessel of cynicism masquerading as a human being and national leader. Seemingly having drained the inky cynicism out of the corpse of Richard Nixon in order to drink it with his breakfast every morning, the toxicity of the carbolic acid of cynical opportunism running through Romney’s veins finally seems to be eating holes through his mortal coil, the fat lies and dizzying self-contradictions swarming around his body like a putrefying halo of shame.

As autumn brings the turning of the leaves and the imminent de-pantsing of Mitt Romney by the American electorate, an optimist’s fancy turns to hopes for a future Republican Party chastened and mollified, and its ideological balance righted. Such pleasant thoughts are best resisted.

It must be remembered that our gold-plated friend Willard merely is channeling the deepest convictions of his political party (the worldview on display in the videotape as close to a primer on the man’s core as one is likely to get), disgust toward half the country (half the world, really) buried deep in his party’s DNA now. And no matter the sting of the flaying his party receives at the ballot box, the Republican Party of DSM-IV exoticism (And Ayn Rand, essentially the same thing) isn’t going away anytime soon. It will arise from the dead on November 7 and stalk the Earth in search of blood again, in particular the blood of the poor, of the worker, of the non-affluent, of the old, of the modern, the scientific, the rational and the pragmatic.

Lest there be any doubt, we have witnessed the full-throated endorsement of Romney’s feudalist diatribe by a loaded peanut gallery of prominent rightist talking heads delighted by his reactionary venom and urging more, a campaign of fire and brimstone from the gospel of ideological primitivism and de-facto civil war.

How long before, and how many political decimations will be required until the ideological Visigoths who have plundered Republicanism may be weakened to the point that cooler heads, what few are left on the right can intervene and reassert themselves is anybody’s guess. But given that crackpot declarations emanate from every other elected Republican every other day,we’re several presidential and congressional election cycles away at least.

No more than a day into President Obama’s freshly minted second term (as occurred at the same juncture in his freshly minted first one) the plotters and planners of obstruction and nihilism will gather again, though even Mitch McConnell and his allies are probably intelligent enough not to make “the defeat of President Obama” Republicans’ “number one priority” in the coming four years. Still, no one should be surprised if Republicans go the anti-Clinton route of steroidal spite, and attempt to drive him from office in some profoundly cockamamie manner, in other words, seek to retroactively erase him somehow from their unnervingly Obama bedeviled mental landscape.

So, delightful as it will be to witness Mitt the Plutocrat used to mop the electoral floor, and true it is that it will be no small service to the nation and mankind that Obama will provide by barring the Full Tilt Loony Party from absconding with the executive branch, no sober-headed person should expect behavior from the Republican Party in the next four years other than the anti-worker, income inequality loving, anti-consumer, corporate hegemony favoring, small minded, penurious in spirit, teeth-baring sort to which we have become accustomed (excuse please the juxtaposing of the Coen brothers and Mel Brooks):

Count De Monet – I have come on the most urgent of business. It is said that the people are revolting!

 King Louis – You said it; they stink on ice.


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