Pensées Sur Douchebags: Anti-Obamacare Propaganda Is Pure Evil

Koch brothers 2

Trot out your ideological imperatives (morally weightless) trundle by your political, strategic rationales (excuses) bloviate your partisan sanctimony (making it even worse) and hoist your faux concern for the lot of Americans (unbelievable), but the false witness you continue to bear against the only, and to date best available, lifesaving alternative for health insurance and medical care for millions is utter, irredeemable evil.

Misinforming, and speciously indoctrinating fellow citizens, fellow human beings against an availability that can save their lives, or greatly, greatly improve the quality of them in multiple ways, is to commit sin, and to do so unambiguously. Dissemination of false stories revealing supposedly negative outcomes as the result of  Obamacare, almost to a story quickly exposed as absent any credibility is an act of cynicism, bad faith and expediency rising to the level of the gravest possible moral transgression. Discouraging other human beings from taking advantage of an opportunity they require, at times desperately, an opportunity that will unequivocally improve their lives substantially, is, whatever its politics, morally indefensible in virtually every ethos whose origination is not in human and spiritual darkness.

Just as malicious is the glossing, disregard or obfuscation of the realities, miseries, indignities, travesties and utter failure of American health insurance and American health care for millions upon millions of America’s citizens prior to the enactment and the effectuating of the Affordable Care Act, a maliciousness of which adversaries of Obamacare have been unremittingly guilty.

Likewise, failure by the Republican Party to acknowledge its disregard for the urgency of health reform when the legislative and executive branches of government were solely in its hands, and reform fully within its exclusive power is conspicuous in the eyes of the American people, denial of or distraction from a failure of accountability futile folly, for the record of negligence and even silence is evident for any and all to recall or reexamine.

Ignorance is no excuse at all. Any who believe, honestly, that universal access to health insurance and medical care (including as designed by the Affordable Care) Act, despite its successful utilization in every other advanced nation of the West and beyond, is counterproductive to the human health and economic well-being of nations and peoples, have failed, indisputably to adequately inform themselves, or have succumbed to a corrupt and corrupting mis-eduction.

I understand the fanaticized appropriation of “philosophy” that is averse to common solutions, or even to the conceptualization of a public good, in fact, to anything other than a contrived, eccentric, morally deplete bastardization of capitalism, a peculiar deification of an amorphous, if not ethereal abstraction worshipfully deemed “the market.” But adherence to a faulty “philosophy” does not exculpate one for the venality of encouraging or pursuing a course of action that produces real, even severe harm to other human beings. And that is what unaffordable, inaccessible health insurance and medical care produces.

Beyond the philosophically parsimonious and the ideologically cruel and the inexcusably misinformed and the unforgivably indoctrinated, those who believe themselves inoculated against accusations of moral failing simply because their view of themselves is that they are “makers” and “producers” and “elites”, Ayn Rand may tell you that your greed and your selfishness reflect your virtue. But I am here to tell you she is wrong, and to inform you that on this one, the world’s religions and its ageless wisdom are right, and what they make you instead is only a craven, wind-inflated, economically parasitic, socially corrosive, morally vacant douchebag.



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