People Who Expected A Romney Landslide Govern The Way You’d Expect People Who Expected A Romney Landslide To Govern

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Has it ever crossed your mind that perhaps the Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the Republican minority in the Senate, conduct themselves as they do for the simple reason they are being remotely operated by otherworldly creatures hovering in a craft at the distant outer limits, programming them to behave according to the prerogative’s of their alien planet rather than our own? Well, it has crossed mine too.

It has been nearly a year since the presidential election, and perhaps more instructive than the final result for Americans aghast at, and attempting to comprehend the current monster, rolling robofuck that is American politics, is what the expectations of the losers have to say about the mental captivity responsible for convincing Republicans to expect an outcome so unrealistically and drastically different from the one that happened.

I can think of no greater demonstration of the breach between two distinct American realities, the real two Americas, than citing the reality in which the actual result of the 2012 presidential election was a Barack Obama landslide, and the other one, in which the result widely expected by Republican “experts,” by elected Republican officials, and by rank and file Republican consumers of the right’s media-industrial complex was a Romney presidency. Obviously, a faux pas delivered on such a grand scale, and in a matter of such enormous significance indicates a pool of players likely to be widely askew on any and every prominent challenge that confronts the nation.

Have the boo-boo prone Republicans been chastened by their magnificent misapprehension of factual, concrete reality?  If you have answered, “That has to be a rhetorical question,” you have responded correctly. How incredibly not shocking it is to observe those convinced, utterly so, that Willard Romney was a shoe-in to become the president of the United States, likewise are wedded to a set of beliefs about a wide range of matters similarly removed from recognizable worldly terra firma?

Really, how much are you willing to trust, how much credence are you prepared to give the assertions of, how much faith in the actions of, and to what degree do you want your fate resting in the hands of those who have given such a fulsome demonstration of colossal divergence from materiality?

This is especially relevant given the looming budget negotiations, the next round in our great national Ground Hog Day of Republican promulgated dysfunction and super crises. How surprising should it be to anyone that Republican members of congress believe the economic wreckage of shutting the government down is a chipper price to pay for ushering in the right-wing paradise just around the corner? Or that default is just a day at Disneyland? Or the planet won’t warm if they say it won’t? Their record of operating with alien premises incompatible with earthy facts is well established.

Is it shocking that in their world, one reduces the deficit by reducing revenue? Or that the blanketing of the earth with carbon effluvia since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution would roll off the earth’s climate like BP oil polluted water off a Gulf duck’s back? There are ducks down there, aren’t there?

Of course they believe it’s a great idea to wail on immigrants on a regular basis or to condemn The Gay, or to chase after women’s reproductive rights with a baseball bat.

Of course, after the last election brought throngs of infuriated voters to the polls who waited hours to vote after Republicans across the country made every effort to prevent them from actually casting a ballot, Republicans tell themselves now, as they go about the cheery business everywhere of passing voter suppression laws, “What could possibly go wrong if we brazenly endeavor to suppress substantial swaths of the voting population’s vote?

As richly amusing as it is to have Republicans’ Chaplinesque slapstick for our entertainment, we must remember we are forced to share the country with them, at least until they secede. Even worse, we share the government with them too, and are therefore stranded on the life raft in the ocean with them.

It may be tempting to regard them as intellectual, psychological and ideological orangutans. If so, either house training them or pushing them off the life raft must rank high in our order of priorities.

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