Obamacare Inanities Fly Out Of Republican Mouths Like A Murder Of Crows

birds out of mouth

When the going gets weird the weird turn pro. And when the lying gets despicable the despicable become champs.

Any infinitesimal speck of hope Republicans would overlook a full exploitation of the very real deficiencies of the Obamacare website would have been clinically over-optimistic. But in the end, their response, more of the same frontal attacks mixed newly with pungently disingenuous distress over the technical miseries is only refurbished iterations of their  same morally deplete derangement, targeting Americans’ best, and perhaps last hope to improve America’s long vexing and punishing health care status quo.

Media, with their usual banal fidelity to the ephemeral mega-narrative, focused like a laser beam on the hardly atypical glitches attendant to a massive rolling out, glued to the tree in front of them, while ignoring the very real living and breathing forest representing millions upon millions of American citizens desperately in need of sane, affordable heath insurance and medical care, the importance of the success of this reform all but impossible to overestimate. In that light, over-attentiveness to Republicans’ typical juvenile mendacity at this particular juncture, and the clubbing of healthcare.gov is frivolous, and criminally disserving.

Republicans have remained faithful to their rich tradition of falsification regarding virtually anything pertaining to health care, a tradition that has included collusion with American insurance giants to stupidly dissemble and creepily propagandize with a set of fictional damnations of universal health care systems in the rest of the developed world for a generation now.

The political party that has spent several decades polishing its indifference to America’s health care challenges while at the same time perfecting its unconcern for the shackles and sufferings and indignities of American citizens coping with their costly, confusing, inadequate and ineffective health care system, had the opportunity this week in congressional hearings to display their full arsenal of bad faith, irresponsibility, dishonestly, and compelling ignorance about Obamacare and health insurance generally, and perhaps by example demonstrate the importance of mental health coverage in every Americans’ insurance plan.

The highlight perhaps, and certainly representative, was congresswoman Renee Ellmers, in intellectual terms one of the least fortunate among her caucus of the less fortunate, decrying the painfully dubious injustice of health care plans offered to the male persuasion including maternity care, in the way it might be startling to her to learn that those no longer with appendix purchase health plans covering appendectomies. It was a stunning display of unfamiliarity with how insurance works, and more discouraging for her personally, how capable people make an argument.

This is not a call for banning coverage of the website’s technical shortcomings, only what is arguably now little more than a Pollyannaish plea, a call for some perspective. We are all aware Republicans in the House of Representatives have voted 40 gazillion times for the repeal of their bête noir Obamacare, and in their minds and dreams thousands upon thousands of times no doubt. This should mean no more than glancing attention ought be paid to their Repetitive Redundancy Club, or burbles from their Eternal Spring of Pathological Fixation from now on.

As always with the American press, more facts, more objective truth and a more contextual canvas would be greatly appreciated, and extremely useful.

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