“The Fiscal Cliff,” by Samuel Beckett (Or, “Brother, Can you Spare a Baseball Bat to Use on the Next Republican Pretending to Care about Debt”?)

I can’t go on. I’ll go on…living through the meaninglessness and the pointlessness that is the fiscal cliff. Every word I hear pertaining to the fiscal cliff is like an unnecessary strain on silence and nothingness, I kid you not.

Accept I cannot, but accept I must, that only in a bleak and a randomly cruel universe could a thing such as a, “debt crisis,” be foisted upon suffering humanity, a crisis eluded by a simple vote raising the arbitrary limit that has been set on the nation’s borrowing, a vote conducted countless times before …but not this time, thanks to an unbearably silly and insufferably cuckoo bunch of disingenuous dumb fucks whom I won’t mention (Republicans). The only sin is the sin of being born when Republicans control the House of Representatives.

I can’t go on. I will go on…tormented by the talk of “common ground”. Speak not, I implore you, of common ground with people several thousand miles to the right of compos mentis; speak not, of common ground with people several million miles to the right of where the American people are. Occasionally, it will sound as though Barack Obama takes the Republicans a little seriously and it makes me nervous. Waiting for Godawful is the condition of my existence as I await a “budget deal” or a “grand bargain”.

Compromise with the party that exploded the debt, the party that destroyed the economy and thereby increased the debt more, the party whose three previous presidents compounded enormous deficits, the party whose only spending aversion is spending on the behalf of the middle class, compromising with such a party is an affront to sentience. Barack Obama regarding Republicans with as much as a scrap of seriousness as negotiating partners in matters of grave importance is a crime against reason. Compromising in good faith with a political party which comes to the table in bad faith and a disastrous record on budgets and economics on its resume is an admission of indifference to drawing another breath.

Are we negotiating now with ax murderers when composing the laws that pertain to butchery and the chopping off of heads? Are we negotiating with pedophiles about the age of consent? Ah, the old questions, the old answers, there’s nothing like them!

Here’s an idea: do what is morally and economically justified:

Raise taxes on, and raise revenue from America’s historically wealthy and historically under-taxed upper class.

Keep your hands off the American safety net: adequate at best, lousy by the standards of modern democracies, and a foundation of the American middle class.

Eschew austerity, stimulate the economy, creating jobs for the millions currently without them, building the infrastructure the country desperately needs improved.

Nothing to be done, the serious people in Washington and the Washington media insist. And I’m beginning to come round to that opinion.

Are Republicans, who spent the last nine months accusing Obama of slashing Medicare now calling for the slashing of Medicare? Is the universe absurd, or have I just been watching too much cable television?

But the phony consternation and the fallacious crisis shall continue. You’re on Earth. There’s no cure for that.

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