Romney’s Dull Mendacity is an Act of Terror

The Great Prevaricator Mitt Romney’s campaign to epitomize Gertrude Stein’s characterization of emptiness as “no there there” took another stride forward in last night’s presidential debate at Hofstra. To wax Shakespearean, Romney was bluster and   misdirection signifying nothing. Or as President Obama said in one of his many boxings of Mitten’s ears, “Governor Romney doesn’t have a five-point plan, he has a one-point plan. And that plan is to make sure that folks at the top play by a different set of rules.” That all but sums up Mitt Romney’s single reason for running for office and for that matter, the Republican Party’s reason to exist.

To observe Romney’s CEO mechanically strutting the debate stage is to wonder how this weaponized puffball of hair and falsity built such a towering ego out of working his way up from being the son of a rich and famous daddy, a Harvard Business grad and recipient on a silver platter of a spinoff (Bain Capital) of Bain and Company, his an edifice of self-regard as grounded in flatulence as his proffered economic plan.

What is impressive about the man still is the pure quantity of brazen lies he can string together in one sitting. The Johnny Appleseed of erroneous bullshit he has sprinkled the land with the fib of the president’s “apology tour,” and the one that “less Americans are working today than when the president took office,” and its subhead “less women are working now than when President Obama took office,” the designation of all as lies by a multitude of objective referees entirely beside the point to this campaign of terror by aerial sleaze.

Emblematic of the smallness and slightness of Romney’s and Republicans’ attacks generally against the president has been the desperately flimsy crusade to manufacture hay out of when Obama used the word “terror attack” or “terrorism” about the assault in Benghazi, as if it mattered, and as if they actually cared about the tragedy or its security ramifications. Since everyone in the known world considered it an act of terror or terrorism from the very get go, being such whether it had been a long-planned attack or an adjunct of a protest against an internet movie, determining which was not a political issue to serious people or genuine patriots for whom a wait for a reliable determination was a small price to pay for conclusive evidence.

But of course when your and your party’s agenda is nothing more and nothing less when power is acquired than lowering taxes for the aristocracy and spending the rest of the four or eight years mining excuses for doing nothing, addressing no challenges, solving no problems and lifting not a finger for a single human soul beyond the membership of the one-percent, a campaign of silly putty mendaciously prosecuted is what you do. Especially rib-tickling is to observe Republicans’ and Romney’s pride and confidence in schoolboy prevarications such as claiming more oil production is less oil production because the additional production was done on re-activated leases previously idle rather than on lands that were freshly leased. The Romney brain trust is Our Gang.

So there we have it, Mitt Romney, a V-8 engine of ambition guided by a lizard brain and emanating the soul of a circuit board campaigning to be Philistine-in-Chief. Well and good, but if this arrogant twat continues to manifest such ugly disrespect for the current president, or deigns again to condescend from his tower of ill-gotten moneybags, telling the president, “Hold on you’ll get your turn,” I’ll be looking for an opportunity to hold him down and cut his hair. Idiot.


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