Herman, Herman, Herman

If Herman Cain’s goal is to reinforce in the minds of American voters how breathtaking the power of arrogance can be, you’re doing a heckuva job Hermie. After serial revisions of his previous responses that relegate the earlier ones to the category of blatant falsehood, one or two things, neither flattering to Mr. Cain’s character or intelligence are becoming obvious as he offers yet another expectedly obstinate, stonewalling counterattack redolent of horse manure: the man lies with a blitheness natural to self-perceived invincible egos, andor by stating, “I don’t even know who this lady is,” reinforces his image as a reckless big shot indifferent to those around him, and those toward whom he has behaved badly to the point of dehumanization.

As more women come forward, and more of them specifically identify themselves, as occurred today, women it might be added with strong recommendations and testimonials to their rectitude and credibility, Cain, like many an insular and deluded fathead before him dumbly proceeds to demonize his accusers and to demean them for a second time.

Again, given his conspicuous lack of preparedness for the office of president, his fumbling, whiffing and crumbing of questions requiring only the most basic understanding or awareness of current events, civics or history, his only marketable quality was his putative purity of character.   Lacking that, which he clearly does, we are left only with a not very bright individual stuffed with money and ego. Though not uncommon, and certainly not uncommon in the Republican Party, not even uncommon among the Republican presidential field, it  is what it is, which isn’t shall we say a presidential resume.

The fact is, despite all the unoriginal and cockamamie conspiracy talk from Cain’s supporters and any reflexive defenders remaining on the wacky right, he never had enough of a chance for anyone to bother conspiring against him to begin with. Going from side show cipher, to lucky fluke, to carnival act, to exposed charlatan to irredeemable, amoral numbskull, the arc of his already all too long public life has been something less than glorious. Each and every day he continues this lurid and repulsive publicity stunt as political campaign it will only get worse. It should be clear even to him by now that his journey from public business success and motivational salesman to unschooled, uninformed, disgraceful and disgraced punch line is now complete.

There are sure to be more women out there given an increasingly persuasive pattern of past behavior; and his continued reliance upon boldfaced lying and pompous dismissal is sure to greatly infuriate  those who have yet to come forward still, and to incense those whose cases we are aware of but who have yet to publicly acknowledge their identity or to offer details. Want to do something genuinely and indisputably positive for your country, Herm? Vamoose.

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