Bachmann, Reality Pass LIke Ships In The Night

It’s long past newsworthy when Michele Bachmann remains for another day in the low earth orbit to which we all have become accustomed, akin to the announcement that Ferdinand Franco, or perhaps Charlie Sheen’s Two and a Half Men character is still dead. Still, one can’t pass the opportunity to pay notice to an inopportune Bachmann moment without dutiful ridicule at her expense.

The Grand Dame of Government Doesn’t Create Jobs took her presidential carny act to an Iowa factory that specializes in the manufacture of traffic signals. She threw the usual wild pitches of soft marshmallows at the head of the current president, before spooling out the usual tiny government tis paradise fantasy, telling those unfortunate, assembled worker-props that the company would, “grow, grow, grow, grow, grow” once her Lilliputian vision is made real.

Of course, the company, OMJC Signal accrues approximately 80% of its revenue from government, according to its current CEO, Arlen Yost. This perhaps would not have come as shocking news to an average presidential candidate, given there is limited use in the home for traffic signals and their recreational use currently is confined to college campuses.

According to my hometown newspaper the Los Angeles Times, the scene unfolded thusly: It is government projects primarily that use our products,” Yost told Bachmann after showing her how a crane on one of the orange trailers rises to display temporary traffic signals at road construction sites.

Yost likewise commented later in an interview that OMCJ had added handsomely to its company coffers as the result of infrastructure spending initiated by His Royal Lowness, President Barack Obama. Adding insult to ideological injury, the traffic signals Mr. Yost had showed off, were as it turned out, solar powered, clearly an affront to the sensibilities of this champion of the glories of dirty energy, nemesis of the awful environmentalists, and declaimer of the empty future of green jobs.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen of the American right, the United States is covered from one end to the other with roads and bridges, punctuated by the occasional traffic light, all government-commissioned, taxpayer-paid largesse, pouring billions into the private sector companies doing the building, design and manufacturing. Do lots of this at one time, and you have what is known as (cover your ears Republican children) stimulus. This makes the economy, “grow, grow, grow, grow, grow.”

While most candidates may not have such a glaringly revealing encounter with the facts of life, keeping the alternate ideological reality and accompanying sales malarkey well clear of expositional contradictory fact, the remainder of the Republican presidential field and the rest of official Republican Land is guilty of the same ideologically fanciful falsification, a staple of its set of otherworldly convictions, and diet of daily propaganda.

Team Bachmann, however, made a nice recovery from this precarious brush with Planet Earth, according to the reporter for the Times,:

Bachmann campaign spokesman Eric Woolson said he did not know whether any of the public works spending that Obama is pressing Congress to approve would benefit OMJC. But he cast the president’s overall agenda as damaging to the economy.

“The president’s healthcare package, excessive spending, government that’s saddling business and individuals with the higher cost of government, that’s not helpful to anybody,” he said.

Like ships in the night, indeed.


3 responses

  1. Go to Arlen’s facebook, this is his latest:
    Arlen Yost
    It is our opinion that Michele’s visit with the twisting of the press did her plenty of damage. Life should not be that way.
    LikeUnlike · · Share · 14 hours ago · Privacy:Shared with: Public

    Arlen Yost If our revenue was from a different marketplace, they couldn’t say that. …and I’m not aware of a single dollar that has come here from that funding. …but I admitted surely some had …that was a big enough gap for them to tear her to shreds … as best they could.
    13 hours ago · LikeUnlike.

    With many layoffs over the past 2 years I don’t think they are thriving under this plan at all, perhaps we should reconsider who we listen to. Contact Arlen yourself and see what he says, I’m sure he’d talk to you.

  2. contact Arlen directly for the truth
    Instead of blindly trusting the media why don’t you try to get the truth?

    Ask them about those comments, ask them how much they REALLY get from the government, ask them how business really is and if they give a simple “fine” or something then ask how many layoffs they’ve had since Obama took office, get some truth for a change.

    • Bachmann is the last person on the planet who should complain about media coverage. Making outlandish statements that capture media attention is the only reason anybody knows who the hell she is. For that matter, her trip to OMCJ was a staged campaign event designed for no purpose other than attracting media coverage.

      In fact, media outlets were entirely correct in pointing out the discrepancy between Bachmann’s “message” and economic reality. Mr. Yost does not claim he has been misquoted, nor does he challenge the fact that government contracts account for a great deal of his business, which is hardly surprising, since roads and highways built and maintained by government at every level, and the traffic equipment used in that government infrastructure is the only reason companies like Mr. Yost’s exist in the first place.

      And the focus of the media coverage was not whether Obama’s stimulus program accounted directly for any of OMJC’s business, which was entirely incidental in the coverage, it was that indeed government contracts for infrastructure, whether for construction of the roads and bridges themselves, or the manufacture of equipment used in the building, maintenance and operation of that infrastructure accounts for a massive number of jobs, contrary to the inane contentions of folks like Bachmann.

      In fact, the policies Ms. Bachmann is advocating are precisely the ones in place for eight years of the Bush administration and directly responsible for turning the American economy into a shambles. If Mr. Yost, or anyone else would like a tutorial on the success of stimulus spending, they can contact the Congressional Budget Office, where they will learn that the Obama stimulus program created several million jobs and saved a great deal more. In fact, virtually any serious economist will explain the same thing, including Mark Zandi, the 2008 John McCain campaign’s economic advisor.

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