Bag It

Finally I realized I had seen enough: Enough of the never-ending cavalcade of social, cultural, economic, political and personal abominations. I resolved at last I would do something about it: drink myself to death.

Of course, the unoriginality of such a method bothered me a great deal. So I had a change of mind. I would drink only until I felt better.

Naturally the condition persisted: I continued to feel and continued to believe I had seen enough.

I wrote a batch of poems collected under the title, “I Have Seen Enough,” overwrought by several orders no doubt, working around the theme of missives issued prior to suicide. It was an exercise, not a cry for help.  Though I did gracefully accept proffered drinks and donated erotic experience.

Of course it’s my problem, it’s not yours. Unless it is. In any case, I like the theme: I’ve seen enough.

It could mean you have:

Seen enough to know there’s not much new under the sun. Consumer items? Always. Otherwise? Not so much.

Seen enough to be fed up, to have reached the point where silence is impossible or an absolute necessity.

Seen enough to know a thing or two, to know what you’re talking about.

Seen enough to know why a writer, painter, director or musician is great or awful or mediocre.

Seen enough to know America is in decline. Or there’s reason for hope (Uh huh.)

I don’t know where I locate myself on this list, several places no doubt, and some places not included for brevity’s sake, or due to my incompetence or failure of imagination. Indeed, the list of things we’ve seen enough of typed on 8 ½ X 11 paper and fastened together would stretch from here to the sun and back.

I’ve seen enough to know the world needs another blog like it needs another Dick Cheney. On the outside chance that if I blog no other Dicks will come along, by god I will do it.

This blog is no different from most: a mixture of self-promotion, self-aggrandizement, exhibitionism, love connection, contentiousness, and if you’re lucky, very lucky, amusement and something informative.

What a fucking world, huh?

In any case, participants, should any arrive, are welcome to fight like cats and dogs, praise, defile, whine, threaten self-harm, spew disgust or venom, educate, eructate, pontificate, attempt to get laid, run for office, seek a higher or lower paying job, review, recommend, discourage, self immolate, explain, defend or accuse.

It’s all been done, and I doubt you can do it better. What’s left but to try though? What else can one do?

(No soul-savers or spam, please)

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