I’m trying with all my available energy not to keep hope alive. Letting it hang around too long in the current environment only would expose it irresponsibly to grave harm.

The American economy has degenerated into a gaping open wound, into which the currently deranged Republican Party, for its perceived political expedience and god knows what other kind of cockamamie reasons insists on rubbing salt.

The soon-to-arrive buzz-sawing of the federal budget will slowly but relentlessly ripple its way across the fifty states, slashing spending there, and accordingly jobs. Federal, state and local job losses not only will increase unemployment figures, but demand for unemployment benefits, and hence will cause federal spending to rise. Godspeed, you Teabag geniuses.

Constricting the economy inevitably means the ratio of debt the country owes to the yearly GDP will rise too: the top number will be getting bigger and the bottom one will be getting smaller. The current Republican mental defectives are the magicians who saw the lady in half for real.

Consumer demand, whose principal form of locomotion has been advancement on its hands and knees soon will be reduced to a belly crawl. Republican governors and legislatures have set about  eviscerating public employee unions, the only factor in the economy capable of exerting any upward pressure whatsoever on salaries and wages.  Sorry middle class, but you’ll be working even harder for even less. Let’s hope you didn’t vote for the buttock-scratching buffoons who just kicked you directly in your tender parts.

Given that brazen and unashamed threats to harm the American people have worked several times in succession for the Republican Party, any expectation of other than more of exactly the same would be foolishly giddy optimism. On the basis of polling demonstrating three-quarters of the American citizenry including the majority of rank and file Republicans have remained  in opposition to the Republican demands in the recently  completed extortionist plot, it could not be more conspicuous that the interests of the American people and the interests of the nation as a whole, are secondary to the goals of this fatal ideological rabidness contracted by the current Republican Party, if those interests ever were of any concern at all.

Surely it is cause for a brimming pessimism that psychologically deficient cultist ignoramuses are the essence of the currently configured Republican Party, and as the result of a generally pusillanimous administration and generally supine Democrats in congress are effectively running America now.

The media swallowed its hemlock many a year ago, while the public conversation regarding matters of public policy occur in the peculiar atmosphere of a distant  planet suggesting a grotesquely lysergic bad trip.

Of course, tomorrow’s another day; though as yet it is unclear to me whether I have the requisite courage needed to rise from bed. On the other hand, the irresistible urge to pound these Republican lunatics to a bloody pulp will always get my heart started.

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